Awareness of Heat and Noise

- Lothithil
I know that this tale is an uncomfortable one to read; many tears have I shed in exploring this epic. Gondolin's glory was great, as was its fall. These are the brave tales....

Awareness of heat and noise
Crushing like piled rock
It is all that I know other than
The taste of my own blood
Even my pain seems remote

I lie beyond Amon Gwareth
That rises above like a mountain of fire
I have fallen or been dragged
To a great mound of carrion
Orc bodies, used as a barrier
Against the deadly hail from the fortress
It will not be my grave today

The maurauders are mad for their prey
Heedless of the broken elf
Crawling beyond the glow of their fires
Somehow avoiding the feet of the Dragons
No death while hope survives
Tuor would not fail us
I must make my way to the Secret Way
At least to witness their escape

But hearty as long life has made me
It is too much a trial
I cannot draw myself on
Cannot let go of my hope
Faces swim in the opaque airs
To torment and to entice
If I let my eyes close I might see him

Raising her in his arms that day she was born
His smile brighter than ever I had seen
"Jacinth. What a beautiful name!"

Hands lifting me away from my memories
I fight with what fury I have left
But easily am I taken up
"She's still alive!" a merry voice calls
The face I see is Hendor the house-carle
The voice is Earendil

Not even death can keep me from hope now