DarkElf Loses Her Heart to the Sea

In solitude and peace I sit
Here in this magnificent tree
And all that I can think about
Is... when will I be at Sea?

It fills my mind, the smell of brine
The rythmic water heaves
Even as I am scented with pine
And dwelling among the leaves

The soft sighing of sand fingered by waves
Curling and crashing on rocks
Wind singing like pipes as the tide laves
My feet, my ancient fears are mocked

I walk toward the shore
I set down my bow
I ache for his lore
I just want to know
How deep? How wide?
How many tears
Have been shed at the sound
That caresses my ears?

I was a master of the woodland fife
There I knew all the world
I was a dealer of death and of life
Until my eyes were bepearled

Hear the sounding of the horns!
Ulmo winds them from the Deeps
Without their song my ears will mourn
Tears of seawater I will weep

- Lothithil