For Haldir

My heart is high with the sight
And sounds of Battle.
Memories of other conflicts
Layover the view;
...The fall of Gond Dolen
Within the coils of the iron dragon;
...The betrayal of Thingol
And the sacking of the 10,000 caves;
...Thangorodrim when the Lords of the West came
And threw down Morgoth Belagir!

So many battles... even in victory
The loss seems too great
Broken fall the lifeless earth our bodies
And spills the red tears in unnatural rain

I feel the blow,
It comes suddenly from that orc
Who should have been dead
And suddenly the many views become as one
Elvish memory lays them together like leaves
And I see the dead now, orc and elf
Lying together in peace at last
I hear the voices singing my path to Mandos

I but distantly feel the next blow
And hear the comforting grief of Estel
But I am already in Valinor

- Lothithil