DarkElf Goes West

Flesh is cold
My last breath escapes with the soul
Freed- uprooted
Transmutated into pure fire
An angry sea rises to cleanse the stones
Where the Oathbourne have again spilled kinsblood
Elwing is gone, taking the star with her to the Deeps
The spirits of the fallen mill about like golden clouds
Crying, confused, outraged
As if they could still feel the pains of their living

In the West, where before lay only sea and sinking stars
A light shines through a cleft in tall mountains
Music there is, sweet and enticing
And a voice irresistable
Mandos is calling us to his Halls

The DarkElf hesitates
I am afraid
Is there a place in Valinor for a Dark Elf?

There comes a soft, reassuring melody
Many voices in chorus, pleading
Those who went before me
Are calling me to come Home
- Lothithil