DarkElf and the Virgin Glade

Flowing through forested halls
Cathedral with living walls
Sun-spears strike the path ahead
Step around the revealing shafts
Genuflecting to examine the trail
This hunter feels the silence in her bones

Long time searching on this road
Far too wary has been my quarry
Having eluded my cleverest entrapments
I wonder if it is not I that am being hunted now

Proceed with great caution
Though the patches of light
Part the heavy curtain of ivy cascades
And stand breathless and immoble at the sight!

Music from newborn water bubbling from the earth
The happy soil channels the streamlet
Gleaming stones stay the water a while
Where busy sparrows bustle in the ripples
And the hind and her fawn come down to drink
Without fear even in the broadness of the day
Cannot you taste the sacredness of the very air?

Let the curtain fall closed on the perfect world
This hunter cannot enter paradise
There is work still to be done
So that darkness doesn't fall on the innocent places

- Lothithil