DarkElf Goes to Tol-in-Gaurhoth

- Lothithil

By crisp nights we journey up Narog to the Falls
The crownless King on his fated quest
Evidence of my madness, but I must do this thing
Though no bond nor blood holds me
He is nobility high and his doom is clear to him
Forsaken by his people
But for a handful of loyal ones
He will not abandon his oath by the ring
I will not forsake Felegund

My fair and dangerous friend Edrahil
Chief of Finrod's companions
Now mimics the darkelf's soft tread
Amused by my speechless eloquence
Golden-haired exile and the killing shadow
When we encounter the minions of the Dark Maiar
We have the mastery

By art of the King from the west
We are clad as blackfolk
And travel thus swiftly toward our goal
Too swiftly, and so for all our guile
We are discovered, striped of our disguise
And taken to His tower of fear

Standing in this pit
My soul claws at the brink of insanity
As I claw at the walls of this prison