- Lothithil
As I sang 'neath star-filled skies
Reclined in a tree of magestic size
In floral attire and leafy disguise,
A marvelous sight occured to my eyes!

Out of the East, from faraway Gondor
Diminuitive mortals below did wander
Easy prey for wolf's head or condor
For in the wooded world did they founder

Lost in the trees, so precious they were
With wavy hair and feet covered in fur
Their misdirection I could cure
If my intentions were so pure

An Elven bandit I, nay! do not start...
Each of us must play our part
Just as Men and Dwarves practice some dark art
There are Elves who have less than ardent hearts

In truth, I rather enjoyed the sight
Their wandering without lamp or light
Faces fair, untouched by worry or fright
At home they were, within the night

No concern in jolly face
They traveled in a state of grace
Even in this strange dark place
These heroes of the Halfling race

Nothing left to them to fear
Not what they could see nor what they could hear
Except perhaps the dusty mirror
(Or in some cases, an empty cask of beer!)

Before coming home, they had each discovered
Strength within themselves, uncovered
Hidden courage, wisdom, and hope recovered
Around them, the Valar blessings hovered

I could drop down from this tree
And become the useful, thoughtful sidhe
But by their virtue I can see
They have no need of help from me