Forging the Bonds of Morgoth

- Lothithil

How deep, the roots of a mountain?
I walk down until my head rings
The weight of the world on my head
Darkness rides on my back like a burden
Carven stone smooth as glass
Not cold at all, warm as down-lined nests
The hammers are tapping out a calliope of sounds

The heart of the mountain opens to me
Aule's forge is greater than any king's hall I have seen
Sparks flying from his hammer fade not
They rise like stars to linger
I feel the tremor of the impact of his strokes
As if it were I that were being shaped and tempered
I stand and watch, awed and humbled,
Until between hammerfalls he looks up at last

His very being speaks of strength and stone to me
But his words are gentle as opening leaves
"Come closer, Child," he says to me
"What would you like?
A bracelet forged from a fallen star?
A goblet that pours forth music?
I could make for you a harp that plays itself
Or perhaps a ring?
I have just finished a mighty work.
I would welcome a new challenge."

"Lord," says I, "How, in this land of all wonder,
Can a dark elf want for ought?"

Aulë laughs, a wealthy sound that climbs the vaulted chamber
"If you want for nothing, why then do you come seeking?"

"I have left my work undone, Lord," I respond
"You would make lovely objects and useful
Until Time ends and begins again.
Would you abandon your crafting before it is perfected?
Would you allow your forge to cool, your anvil to collect dust?
I have left behind a struggle
Now being fought by those I love.
I cannot stand here, idle amid Valior's beauty,
While away there in the shadows my heart fights without me."

Aulë raises his head, and the sparks
That his hammer has sent glowing into the air
Light his face;
A granite contanence with iron beard and eyes
"I understand the need to finish a task.
You, too, have been reforged, dark elf,
And much work had been wrought upon you.
This effort was not undertaken to be wasted.
Go you to the Cleft of the Jewel
At the time of festival.
Look for the light that will banish all shadows."

He reaches down and lifts the work he has just finished.
It is a chain, greater and stronger
Than the bones of the Earth
A bracelet for Bauglir.