Forest Haitus

- Lothithil

(1st Age DarkElf Adventure)

Once in the embrace of the forest
I move again as I was born to
The trees' branches, my highway
The mould, my fragrant bed
The leaves sing in the shear of the wind
Falling upon my ears joyfully
Dappled sunlight like kisses upon my face
The forest has missed me, too

Birds chatter as I peer into their nests
A fawn stands shakily for the first time
I steady him with a gentle hand
Startle a dryad lazing in the afternoon sun
Her willow sings rather than weeps

Deep below all the old leaves and undergrowth
A heartbeat thrums that echoes my own
To have bark beneath my fingernails again
And moss on my shoes, delight!
Twigs tangle in my hair and
My laughter lifts to the sky

I have to keep my mind on my feet
Many miles lie between me and my home
Arvernien on the shores of the western sea
A message I am sent to deliver
My prayers are that I find Tuor at harbour
And my own family for whom I have long been parted

But in the heart of the moment
I can but drink in my happiness
A thirst that the Sea cannot answer
Though it be filled with all the water in the world;
The forest is my home