Throughout the Flight

Throughout the flight I am barely aware
Besieged by pain and borne like a sack
I hear the wolves, smell their coming
With a borrowed sword I join the stand
Finding will and strength in fighting

Strange how the dancing brings me back
And as our futile-seeming bid for escape
Pales and we are whittled down
I feel that my sinews have become like steel
And my heart of stone
And I seek for my next foe
Even as I slay the last
Back to back with Hendor now
Earendil on his shoulder points
Crying out not in fear but wonder
As the Wing sweeps our enemies away

My sword becomes a prop
As my knees sag and I collapse
My head is still up
I watch Tuor accept his son
And grateful tears shed by the father
Bring a heaviness to my soul at last
And my eyes fail as I look back
And see the Flower of the Plains burning
How many did not escape?

A glimmer of gold sparks in my eyes
Small arms around my neck to my surprise
A dream that is not before me appears
Tis Glorfindel and Jacinth, against all my fears