A Dark Elf Paces on her Flet

- Lothithil

Current RW events are encroaching upon my Golden Wood, and I fight back as I can...

(Loth turns away from her Magic Mirror with a sigh...)

Is this the ending?
All around us signs of Winter
The leaves have faded and fallen
Carpeting the cold earth with wilted glory,
And the naked sun leans down
Out of a tainted sky.
Will the Spring not come again?

Is this what the Ages have brought us to?
All these long years of bitterness
We struggle against the Darkness
Though it grows stronger with every blow
And the unclean wind
Will sweep us all away at last:
Are we to stop fighting the Great Defeat?

Have they suffered for nothing?
Those brave ones who before us
Have journeyed to Mandos
On the harder road.
Do I despise them, or
Withhold my respect?
Nay, I thank them for their courage.

Will I do nothing?
I will take up my tarnished shield
And polish the rust from my sword.
I will restring my bow
With the wires of my harp
and arrows make with my quill
And follow them to war.

(Loth turns away from her Magic Mirror
And hopes that what she has seen is a lie.)