The Time of the First

- Lothithil

Once the night was all that was known
No Sun rose high, no sharp shadows thrown
A timeless Time without weapons or tears
We danced in the lightlessness because we knew no fears

In the First.

Soft sweet black, the enveloping sky
Stars brush our fingertips, jumping to try
To touch those brilliant lanterns hung
For their hearing alone, many songs were sung

Time was new

Our eyes could perceive a great many things
Life with branches, paws, or wings
Friends and feral, scales and pelt,
In the land of grey and blue, together we dwelt

The Darkness had been there before ever we woke
Waiting beyond the sound of laughter
Deep beneath the waters and high above the stars

Watching us in hatred

Over the world His mantle He laid
Before yet any fire in the sky was made
It was then that we Elves learned of Darkness and Light
It was also at that time that we learned how to die
... and to fight

When the countless years have spun all away
Spider's silk on a windy day
Dim we Elves may appear to the eye-- as if
Beneath deep water our souls are shimmering--
It might be
That we are remembering

... The Time of the First