Farewell to Valinor

The Bay of Eldarmar sparkles, a basin of light
Studded with ships, jewels on the waves
One small craft is being prepared
Those mariners who with Eärendil did sail
Of mortal blood, they cannot Valinor attain
Until their own deaths they claim.

Wingless, weightless, I run like the wind
The eager waves no impediment
Gunnel to deck, spar to bow,
A ladder on the water
That leads far out to sea
Cheering I hear, and the Teleri sing farewell
To this dark elf who returns to Arda

On Ulmo's shoulders our ship is borne
With the breath of Sulimo in our sails
The three sailors sleep yet, they dream of home
Clad in foam, I stand at the bow
As if my heart's longing could lend us speed
Arc of Sun and Moon above, ribbons of light
No tears until the shore I can see
The hard stones of Balar rising before us
Then flood the Great Sea with my salty hope
To see my lord and family again

- Lothithil