The Exile of Morgoth

DarkElf on the War of Wrath
The Exile of Morgoth

Mountains fell as the earth was shaken
The Sun reached in shafts through the black billowing smoke
Waters jumped as if freed from the channels of their paths
To quench the fires and flood the battlefield

Ancalagon's ruin has broken the Black Towers
All his folk are destroyed or departed, pursued by Eagles
The captives of Bauglir are freed;
The Host of the West has prevailed

Elros and his army stand in a place of protection
While all around us the world is remade
The displacement of Morgoth will claim a high toll
But not a single elf nor honourable man will shrink from the paying of it
Even if by the ransom of our lives, we might have peace
And our world back as our own

The Valar descend into the gulf they have created
The pits are uprooted and laid bare
We cannot see what occurs beneath the earth
Only hear the noises, the craven begging of Morgoth
As he cowers unvaliant before his peers

Spare me, Brothers!
I have only ever sought to uphold His Will
Since the very first, dischord been a part of the Theme
And always have I played as I was taught!

I was present at the First Theme, answered Oromë
I joined my horns to the joyful chorus
Many voices did that music contain
Not one dark musician alone!

With my brother's notes did I sing, said Tulkas
And in the changing and challenging music did I find delight
But always did you play to drown out the others
There is no harmony in one voice.

Ulmo stands in attendance, but he deigns not to speak to his brother
Nor for him, for though not always in agreement with Manwë
The Lord of Waters knows that this action must be taken now

Sister, hear me!
Once before you shed your tears on my behalf
Will you not now stand beside me?
Do not let them chain me in Mandos again!

Tears I have shed and tears are my future, sighs Nienna
They fall for light as well as darkness
For every corruption that you have wrought have I wept
And for every Child whose life was cruelly ended do I mourn
And when you reside outside of the Circle of the World
I shall shed tears for you, my brother
But you shall shed none for me.

Said Aulë then: For all of our works
That you have destroyed or perverted
And for all of Ilúvatar's Children
That are born or shall come again
And keep our promises to those we love
Do we do this deed now!

And Morgoth's feet were hewn from below him as he fled
And with Angainor was he bound, that same chain that held him in before-times
And with his maul did Aulë then shape the iron crown
Of the self-proclaimed Lord of the Earth
Into a collar for his neck
To his knees was bent the head of Morgoth
And humbled at last was he

And Eonwë took the two Silmarills that had adorned the crown
And he set them a guard
Would that this could be the very last act of the War of Wrath
Would that Morgoth's seeds could be uprooted as was his tower

From foundering Beleriand did we all depart
For the waters were swallowing the land behind us
The sweet home that we had known, burnt and blasted
To the Blue Mountains did we go
And the waves lapped at our reluctant heels.

- Lothithil