DarkElf Encounters Maeglin

- Lothithil

Great welcome did Turgon offer to Tuor
And the strength of Lothengriol did impress the man
Homeless and now without direction
His errand seeming spent
He looked upon the white city on the plain
And found a place for himself
Idril did look upon him also
And in him found a place
For her wild heart

Little did this please the king's nephew
Oft I had seen him, ever keeping to Turgon's side
When he was not lurking in the shadows
Watching Idril with eyes that would possess
I saw him, for ever my eyes is for the dark
And he was ever dark, though his face was fair and bright
I could see as thought his heart was papable
He had great desire for his cousin
Who regarded him not but with distain
And now he had lost her to a Man

I had lost her too, though for me it was a joy
To see her face alight with love
And hear her singing with him, a harmony of union
A frequent visitor I was to their house
Though less often did we fence as of old
With great happiness did I hold their firstborn
A child of such beauty that could never be surpassed
Earendil, son of Idril and Tuor

To let the family alone with their joy
I would to the wildness repair
Taking a turn on the watching of the Hills
Or simply wandering the beauty of the valley
There I met Maeglin on fated day
As he returned from an errand in the hills
As ever he was wont, searching for ores
But now he was alone, and harried
Some darkness devouring his soul
He stared at me with eyes of guilt
And stayed me with a rough hand

"How comes you to this path? Why travel you here?" He asked sharply, and his fingers were crushing, closing over my arm.

I twisted free, appalled at his display. "What business is it to the nephew of the king what I do in the wild? As much or more freedom do I have than thee, Maeglin son of Eol. Where farest thou? From what terror do you flee?" I could see the fear in his eyes.

Refusing to answer he brushed past, hurrying toward the city followed by the shades of his thoughts. I shrugged after him and dismissed the insult, thinking him but pining still for Idril. So soft I have become! Once I would have accepted only blood in repayment for such abuse.

Later I saw him, and heard comments from all that the nephew of the king had mellowed. Indeed it seemed to be so, for he smiled more, and spoke softly, though still with conviction and wisdom. His eyes still touched upon Idril with longing, but no confrontation came between him and Tuor her husband. And when his eyes did light upon me, I saw a gleam of malice, quickly hooded.