The DarkElf Stands Enchanted

- Lothithil

Menegroth, a thousand caves of wonder
I wander here as a guest
The halls and chambers of stone
Seem not carved, not hacked, not hewn
The rock breathes...

And appears to have grown
Beneath the loving hands of the shaper
Granite trees and crystal blooms
Neverchanging lights of yellow-white
I am so delighted, I do not miss the sky
Yet, but where are the stars?
In the eyes of the Folk around me

They are so different from my own folk
Some tall and fair, others dark and merry
Most beautiful and grim; all burning
With that light like I saw in my dream
This queen from the West, she has changed them
Touched them with grace, my own skin burns
Will I ever again be the hunter in the dark?
Have I lost that along with the blood I shed?

The walls seem closer, but still fair
Is this a pretty prison for me?
I must leave here as soon as I can
But first, I must find him again