DarkElf Reunion with Elros and Elrond

Many sweet reunions I had
When my dazzled eyes could see again
On Avernien's battered shores now gathered
The fragmented kingdoms of Beleriand
Now united loosely under Gil-galad's banner

Glorfindel led me to Ereinion's house
And there I found Eärendil's sons
Elrond and Elros, whole and hale
Grown swiftly through the bitter years of their youth
I am relieved that I am so changed
That neither will know my face
For in their arms my first life ended
And in the hands of Fëanor's sons,
Bloodied with the slaying of their people,
I had to leave these lambs alone

But my Lord did bring me forth boldly
And our reintroduction make;
"Here is Morlothiel who was once thy father's warder.
Now is the moment that you have hoped would come."
My gaze descends to the uneven flagstones
For a sudden and unreasonable shame had come upon me

I see two pairs of feet within the drop of my vision
As the two young Elves come to stand before me
They bow as to one owning great respect
Their faces reflect beauty and serenity
No flicker of resentment or emnity
As I have feared to see
Looking upon them it is suddenly easy
Eärendil's love dwells within them

One spoke then, in clear ringing words,
"Beyond hope thou hast returned,
We rejoice that thou art come."
A welcome that soothed my heart
And his hands did take my own
Strong hands apt in healing
But callused with the use of a sword as well
His face is neither young nor old
He is Elrond, and he holds within his gaze
The knowledge that his greatest losses are before him

Tall and broad-shouldered stood Elros
Alike to his brother in countanence
Yet unlike, for he is earthier somehow
And on his face his heart has marked
Lines of laughter and of sorrow
And his eyes are as grey as the Sea
And strength and passion burn behind them

"Eonwë has bespoken us," Elros says softly
"Of fighting Evil the Elves of Beleriand have done enough.
To the safe lands Ulmo's seas will take them
There to bide the violence of war.
But to the Edain this hour does not mean retreat.
We go to swell the ranks of the Valar
And so prove that not all Men are tools of Morgoth."

Elrond says no more, but I can see
His brother speaks his heart as well

It is not the nature of this Elf
To remain in safety when brave folk go forth to war
And so, when the ship departs to sail north
To join the march on Thangorodrim
There is one more lean dark man at the rail
Cloaked and visored, silent and determined.

- Lothithil