The Elfstone of Arwen Evenstar

LotR Object: The Elfstone given to Elessar

Crafted like an eagle with wings upraised in flight
A gem of green that sparkles in the winter's pale sunlight
A talisman that heals and preserves all that the holder sees
When held aloft to the Keeper's eye, grey as the somber seas

Made by the Great Smith Celebrimbor as a gift to his fair lady
She accepted it to wield in aid of her forest cool and shady
But his giving of this mighty gift brought no surcease to his desires
No golden hair will Galadriel give that he covetously admires

And so he wrought the Rings Of Power for the wisest Elves to keep
(And he inadvertantly revealed his lore to Sauron, the Evil Creep)
And bound into Nenya that healing spell; his magics into it he poured
And presenting it, inquired again after the strands that he adored

Gently, the Lady of the Golden Wood refused his bold request
With Celeborn her husband alone, her wild Noldo heart would rest
But skillfully she wielded the Ring and made a fair retreat
For all the elves who dwelt with her, and fought the Slow Defeat

Then the Elfstone lay inert, a pretty thing but idle
Given from Mother to Daughter as a object bridal
And by her daughter is given in turn, with other hopeful, helpful things
To the Fellowship who is sworn to bring an end to the Lord of the Rings