Dragon Breath

DarkElf on the War of Wrath: Dragon Breath

Fire rains down like tears upon us
We raise our shields, huddle beneath the suns and flowers of Finarfin's heraldry
There is little else we can do
Hold the fallen as life escapes
Enviable mortals, where do they fly to?
Guests in our Father's House, first to arrive
Will I see them again on other shores?

Ulmo showers us with his mercy
Soothing waters to cool the embers
Blackened but unbowed we rise
And smouldering shields raise with a shout in our throats

Overhead, the dragons fly in circle
Carrion crows over the pyre of Beleriand

Amid the pitch and fervor of this battle
My mind turns from the field
I watch the Men rally themselves
Tears for sons and fathers sparkling on brown faces
And fists are stronger, hearts hammer with courage
Unwavering they surge forward
To carry the fight to its just end 
- Lothithil