The Dragon's Ending

DarkElf on the War of Wrath;
The Dragon's Ending

On a trampled hillock I find myself
And raised above the waste and ruin for a time
I watch the streaking light that is Vingilot
Steering deftly through the oceans of air
Unhindered by the lack of waves

Most of the dragons have been dragged down
Curs, some turned in their cowardice to flee
I wonder if many escaped the vengeful wings of Thorondor's folk?

But the battle is not over yet
Black on black, smoking from the ruin of his hide
Ancalagon turns in fury and desperate guile
Tool of Morgoth, he cannot abandon
This fight he knows he has already lost

And belching flames
He throws himself upon the bow of Eärendil's ship
Trying to founder him in mid-air
Pierced, that iron flesh crumbled to ash
And undimmed and unhumbled the Foam-Flower sails on

And my heart might rise to meet his flight
Like a seagull lifting to greet the morning

- Lothithil