DarkElf Disarmed

- Lothithil

Dolven halls of magnificent strength
Reached by a bridge as narrow as chance
Arching in a single leap over a great gorge
Of hungry water, stones like teeth

I am brought to stand before another Elf

"I am Gwaithion, guardian of the south and west marches, my lord. We found this one trespassing on the heath."

Eyes slide over me, catching on nothing
I am unremarkable

"Looks like a refugee."
To me, "What is the errand that brought you, dark one?"

My silent, even regard is
Reckoned insolent, I am disarmed
The Elf examines my weapons

"It has not spoken since taken. I thought it might be a spy."

"Is it refusing to speak, or incapable?"

"A mute spy?"
Grim chuckling. "Would even Morgoth use such a tool?"

With no tool but my ire, I attack my assailant
My black glare makes the one named
Fall silent in his humour

"A mere wanderer. I will see it to the Gatepath and out of our lands. This cur is too trivial to disturb the Lord Finrod for justice."

This other is not amused; he is canny

"This matter warrents further thought. Leave us, Gwaithion. Your attention to duty is noted and shall be rewarded."

The words he speaks aloud and
The words I hear are different:

'If thou must be a fool, Gwaithion, do not portray the role with joy'

He returns me my weapons,
Proving he is the more dangerous one

"You must be detained to attend Lord Finrod. He will deal justly with thee. Come with me and I will show you a place where you may rest."

A generous room with round walls
Open to the sky and chandeliered with stars
I am left alone with my self
He returns in time, and speaks with deference now

"My Lord Finrod asks that the Lord Beren's scout be released and escorted to them now. Will you follow me?"