DarkElf Visits the Deeps

- Lothithil
In the Outer Ocean dwells Ulmo, Lord of the Waters. No one who has ventured there has ever returned... until now...
An Exerpt from "Oathbourne, a DarkElf Adventure"

A sensation not unlike flying
I sink beneath the unquiet surface
Arms stretched as if to embrace
The frigid waters that enfold me
Red haze and panic has fled
I know a kind of peace that makes hope and passion seem but sparks
Upon the flint of my soul

Music fill my ears that no longer ring and whine
That long slow song that first I heard by the shores of Cuiviénen
Long ages ago before the Sun filled the world with shadows
Louder and clearer that song is becoming.

Before my eyes appears like fäerie-lights
A vast and sprawling city, over which I am flying, a weird bird
Of pearl is its columns and coral the streets
Sandstone and searock in spiraling towers
Pennats flowing and sinuating in the current
And there are folk here, many many folk
They sing to me and swim up to me
Rising like angels from their land
To greet the fallen dark one.