DarkElf Decides

- Lothithil

Scars from battle I have
Notches on my bow
Aching heart from passion spent
Or gulfs of time unused
No pain or injury have I had before
To compare with this killing sorrow

That he is gone, I grieve
They say he walks again
In fields of gold 'neath trees of silver
With the ones he loves
Cold comfort is that to me
I do not walk there
Nor do I see the gardens
Nor hear the music, except in a memory
That belongs to another,
Borrowed or stolen
When that dream fades will my grief also?
Or is this yet another gift from Eru
That I must suffer

I sit on a green mound
It might me by own, but that I lie upon it
Not beneath
Will I linger here until the Undoing
Or will I set myself in motion again?
Feed my furnace of hate
And seek revenge for my wronged lord
My fire is ashes now
My sword is dull
Why fight the shadows when the Dark is to blame?
What can one elf do against Bauglir
But break herself on his iron feet?

I watch them ride away
She sitting upon the great hound
Leans down to kiss the Man
Who walks at her side
They go on to seek their fate
On to wherever in the Darkness the paths lead them
They will go willingly together

Unburdened by this I set my own feet on a path
That leads I know not, nor care
A grey stone hones my blade and
The rising sun warms my back.