The DarkElf Dances: Earthmusic

- Lothithil


At last, a night of calm.
The howling of the wolves is so distant
the forest comes alive
Treespeech and stonetalk:
the soft murmur of insects
wingstrokes counterpoint to the melody
with the dynamics of predator and prey
innocent, correct, natural
I relax upon my watchful perch.

When the drumming starts, it sounds
Like the thrumming of the condor's wings
but other voices join
until the woods are vibrating with the beating
of many many drums
hands flashing and skins taunt
echoing hollowly through the valley
over the ridges up the mountains
calling... calling...
I cannot resist the sound
My feet and hands are flying
To reach the circle first
Ahead of my kindred who answer also
No hunting this night!
I set my unstrung bow aside
and join the dance

Druadan DarkMan
Playing the skins that summon
Heart of wood and earth