Dark Elf Seeks Daeron

- Lothithil

A 1st Age DarkElf Adventure Poem

Sent on a mission by her Lord, Morlothiel follows the bard Daeron, who has sworn to avenge Dior and Lúthien’s memory against the Sons of Fëanor. If he succeeds he will but attract the attention of those Dispossessed to the fair havens in Avernien. DarkElf has set out to see that he tarries along the way…

Clad now in my supple gear
With Morwyn strapped across my back
I to the trees direct my feet
To find the cold trail of my prey
Not to kill, no… well, not my intent
If no reason can be heard by him
Who would go forward in pride
To bring down the Oathtakers
And in doing bring down us all
A kinslayer my lord would not have me become

But in truth I have already done
For oft has my blade freed
Soul from twisted flesh
Every orc slain is an Elf revenged
And others I have known who deserved no better fate
Than a swift death to recall humility
What is the sting if death is not an Ending?
Some day that road I will take

A hunter knows this; it is the way of things
That which kills will someday be killed
And then more understanding will follow
I do not hunger for that lesson today
But seek the path in the trees
Bent grasses and poorly concealed campsites
This one is no hunter, nor a woodcrafty Elf
I will be lucky if others do not find him first

The trees welcome me back