DarkElf Comes to the Sea

The Eagles drove the remainder of the Orcs from the pass
Thus aided... no, they derived our escape
Legolas Greenleaf led us out of the dark
Tuor brought us on a winding path
Through the valley of Sirion
A great labour it was
The lands had been stripped
And little food could be found after the ravaging
By the hoards of Angband
I sought far and wide, foraging and hunting
Burrowing even into the holes of rabbits
Food I brought for the Folk
Though little could be done to save some
In the year we spent wandering
Less than a third remained
When we reached the sanctuary
Of the Willow Lands

I am become little more than a wraith
Driven by the need of my people
And the desire to flee the memories
That haunt me, clear as stars in the night sky
Buring in my mind
The huntress takes her nurishment
From the kills she makes
Blood and hearts only
Save the meat for the Folk
I am grown lean and wiry
A shadow that never speaks

I cannot come too close to her
From my flesh but no mother am I
Just watch her grow, as hardship forges her
Into a spirit that cannot be quenched
She doesn't remind me of him
But looks back at me with my own eyes
And in her I see life reborn

When we come to the mouth of the Sirion
And the Sea is spread before us
A pathless road
My heart is lifted from me
A gull's cry is my vocalization
Ulmo sings a deafening song
And my blood answers