DarkElf Meets Calafalas of the Teleri

On the edge of the Undying Lands
Alqualondë blossoms on the sand
Bridging Paradise to the Sea
Home of the Teleri
Grey timber houses descend in tiers
To the whitestone and marble piers
Sprawling upon the water like a net
A catch of brilliant ships within it

The hearts of the Sea Elves are most like my own
Loving equally freedom and the sea foam
They are merry, gentle, and generous
They open their homes to us

One Telerin lady takes me in hand
Her friendship she gives unreservedly
All the tales of things she has seen
She shares with me the wonders of her heart
She bids me speak and listens
As I tell tales of my adventures
Tears and laughter she returns
A sister she feels to me
Did I know her once, on shores beyond these?
The distant place of Awakening lost in my memory?
Once we may have played together
Beneath those fiery stars with glowing tails
How many more shall fall, ere we meet again?

- Lothithil