Frodo's Burden

- Lothithil

Don't step onto the Road!
I wish now I never had
For I have been swept away
Toward Danger and Adventure
And my dearest friends as well
This is not their Fate
They pay the price of association
Guilty because they love and help me
I cannot bear the weight of their lives
Which I can only save in one way

Let me go alone
I wanted you safe in the Shire
A home behind me that I may never face again
But remember for as long as my mind is left to me
But here you are, with your mirth and your love
And you take my hand and say,
Let us go

In the mountain, it was I who said this
However different was my intent
I wanted not to go with you
But let myself fall into oblivion
With that thing the Dark Lord wrought
Did he not make me also?
He reforged me into something that I could not recognize
In a hundred mirrors

You could not let me go,
Just as I could not go without you
Let us go now together
I would like to rest
And let someone else finish this tale