The Breaking of Thangorodrim

The final struggle in the war has begun
No more aid can we give to the Valar,
This army of Men and
One dark elf;
We stand back and watch

See those great figures moving!
Shedding their more humble aspects
Becoming Forces of Nature Incarnate
Like giants the walk the earth
So terrible I want to cover my eyes
But I cannot, for they are also

Majestic as the mountains he lovingly moulded
Aulë stands forth
A mighty chain is looped around his shoulder
His hammer is thrust through his belt
With shoulders rippling with strength
He tears the roof off of Thangorodrim
And with Tulkas laughing beside him
They open the Pit where Bauglir had gone to ground

And suddenly they stop, like great marble statues
Holding up the shredded sky
As the prisoners and thralls of Bauglir
Creep blinking into the sunlight
As if unsure of their salvation
Some are weak from their long captivity
Little more than dusty wraiths
Leaning on the arms of those who can still walk
Limping determined to live long enough to die in freedom

Elves and Men, and many creatures are now free
And Aulë and Tulkas with Oromë at their side
Reach down with their mighty hands and tear open the earth
There is now only one prisoner in Thangorodrim,
Hiding deep in a cell of his own making,
And they have come to chain him
- Lothithil