Breakfast with the DarkElf

Upon the time-hewn ridge of a broken mountain
A lone Elf kneels
Silhouette on the dawning sky

Dark hair dances a halo round her face
As she scans the world below her
A view for many miles
Dark eyes for dark sights
For there is smoke amid the mists
There is blood drying on the ground
Black birds, ambivalent of good or evil
Drop down to feed

In her hands is the hilt of a sword
On her back, a bow
In her heart, a fire
Vengence is an empty motion
Yet in the hunt, she may turn predator to prey
In their black tracks she stalks
And in the dark hours she does not sleep
When she draws near, their ashen hearts quail
And they taste in the end the feast of fear that they would serve

Always in her heart she remembers
The lessons she has learned
Love, respect, nobility, joy
Cachéd within her soul
Lest in the rage of battle
She should become that which she fights
And lose herself beneath the dark wave

- Lothithil