Lament for Beleriand

DarkElf At The Ending of the First Age:
Lament for Beleriand

On the knees of blue mountains I stand
A hungry horizon stretching westward
My once-home now folded beneath the waves
Consumed as if to be forgotten--
But I will never forget her

Beleriand, home of wonders!
Did I not love thy beauty and fear thy darkness?
Beguiled by the black oak groves of Melian
And the caves of wonders that opened the earth
Were not thy stones noble and strong?
Stronger than the hearts of those who shaped it
Thy soil closed lovingly over my dead
Will they stay warm now, drowned in memory?

And fair Gondolin with her watchful hills
Is she now a quiet mere with black waters?
A few lonely islets that only seabirds mourn
Is there a green mound still covered with golden flowers,
Or has seaweed and starfish claimed that sacred place?

Does this dark elf have the heart to say goodbye?
I can hear Eonwë singing
Inviting the Eldar to come away West
Am I ready to let go of all that I have loved and fought for?

For how long I gazed I cannot say
But coming back to myself
I find that I am not alone,
But one of many silent, tear-streaked sentinels
Looking seaward with remorse

Turn away from the bright West
A land opens through the new gate in the hills
The Blue Mountains rise before us
And beyond is a world that we have never seen

The inviting song fades
Falls upon my ears now deafened

Forests there might be, over there
Dells and fields of flowers
Other mountains, rivers and plains
Untouched, undiscovered, unsullied

No... it is not time for this Elf to depart!
- Lothithil