In The Presence Of Beauty

- Lothithil
Frodo sees Arwen for the first time

She sits beneath an awning,
Sparkling like sun through the rain.
She looks like Elrond in a way;
Only daughter of the Edain.

Dress in a gown of simple weave,
Her hair a fall of silk,
Dark as my dreams and untouched by frost,
Her skin smooth and fair as milk.

Undomiel Evenstar
Arwen she is named.

As her wise eyes touch on me,
Just a Hobbit, weary and maimed,
I feel something I have never felt;
A new emotion to explore.

That such beauty exists at all,
That such a face is here to adore,
I have not imagined.

And in the Hall of Fire,
When Aragorn meets her clad in green,
I witness their desire.

And I am content to know that she is real.