DarkElf at Bay

It is here that I must make my stand
Lest my open back be the invitation
I can run no further
And the aged Dawn has brought no relief
Still the foes are at my heels
They shake off the light from their
Dark furry cloaks; it touches them not
Their eyes gleam as if with flames
And the stench of them is charnel

My blade is steady as I turn
And at my back a wide bole
Let them come now!

But even as they leap to meet
The singing arc of my steel
I see the forest fill with light
And... they shine! like stars descending
Fair and tall, with
A glow of marvelous beauty
They intercept the shadow-cats
And the game is over

The rough bark beneath
My grateful fingers
Is a comforting couch
As I sink into a dream in Doriath

- Lothithil