DarkElf at Sea

A DarkElf 1st Age Adventure poem. Gondolin has fallen, Nargothrond burned for the pleasure of the dragon, Doriath was betrayed and besieged for the last Silmaril, which escaped with Elwing, daughter of Dior the Fair.

DarkElf lives in Arvernien with the remains of her family. Life is quiet near the sea and they are, for the moment, free of the fear of Morgoth, though the shadow still lies over their hearts. Morlothiel is for the present enamoured of the Sea. She embarks on a short journey to experience the call of the waves.

DarkElf At Sea

A new figurehead for Cirdan’s flagship
The sight of the Sea from the deck is wondrous
I stare at the expanse of water
Stretching toward the horizons
Straining my eyes Westward
I see no distant land nor guiding light
Save the sinking of the Sun
Into the waves with a hiss
Like the tempering of a forged blade
When the stars appeared
Waves toss their glimmering from trough to crest
The Sea heaves and shifts
As if some massive creature dwelt beneath
Rhythmically breathing and restless
Under an Ageless spell of sleep

At dawn, I see the island ahead
Granite seems to leap from the grey water
Bearded with olive and juniper
Crowned with fir and oak
A hard face it turns to Arvernien
But on the seaward side gentle arms reach
To gather calm waters in a bay
We sail smoothly through to enter
The haven of Cirdan, Lord of the Telari

I worry for Lothlim, our home upon the shore
How long can that place be kept a secret?
Even if Morgoth is blinded from us
The Sons of Feanor will hunt here some day
One star is held in the hand of an elfmaiden
Someday it will be a lantern
Guiding the Mariner to his goal
But only the gulls shall greet the returning ship
Their cries shall echo in the empty buildings
Where memories yet dwell
- Lothithil