DarkElf goes Astray

- Lothithil

These hills wandering, folded earth
Rippling beneath the mountain's feet
Scarcely aware of where I am going
Navigating by the wind of whim
Finding diversion in every flower
And standing for long hours staring
Stars above are stubbornly unchanged
Since my world fell

With stench and harsh cries they are upon me
Swiftly, but my sword is never far from hand
And as the orcs surge forward
I feel again the singing in limb and heart
Beginning the dance with dark partners
No longer locked in silence, I echo my excitement
In a wordless song that stings the hills
Reaping the foul harvest with thirsty steel
Until only one stands

The orc wounded and disarmed
It regards me with cunning
For I am weary for the work
I stand breathing but frozen in intent
How close did I come to being this creature?
Does not my own heart writhe with hatred
And do not I abbor the shadows that have shaped me
Tainting my once-fair dreams with poison?
Within a hair's-bredth did I come to this
And now my hand is held, and my heart is troubled
Eyes meet eye across the blood-stained battleground
What have I become? Always I have hunted and slain
But now I know fully the despair of the Lost
Can this be undone? Are the Lords of the West
Powerful enough to heal this disease?

Smelling my weakness, the orc lunges
And takes from me my sword
Unfettered by conscious, steel leaps
And another soul is freed
But I am left with cold comfort of life
And a soul sick with doubt