DarkElf in Arvernien

A DarkElf 1st Age Adventure

Nan-tathren, land of the Restful Willows
We left to follow the Sirion
Tuor's sea-longing brought us there
Where sweet voices called to us
Music sorrowful and lovely
Dior's daughter greeted us there
Fire at her throat, the bane of her folk
an immortal gem she wore
And so Eärendil the fair saw Elwing
And their Timeless love began

Tuor did the people gather beneath his Wing
And with Cirdan he found friendship
Building a home far from Bauglir's reach
so they thought

My heart cannot rest here. The Sea
Beseeches me, a cajoling scream in my ears
I turn my face away
Seeking deep forest that murmur yet of memories
Older than the shores and skies
Where spirits walk beneath boughs
Laden with Time
Upholding the falling day
Where roots tangle and burrow
In soft unsoiled earth
Last year's leaves my bed
Puffballs pillow my head
Sleepless I stave off the dreams
Of Fire and of Gold