DarkElf and the Black Dragon

Even as those piercing notes shivering fade
Oromë's gleaming horn is lowered in pause
For there from Angband's gates erupts countless dragons
Breathing fire, living banes released
Winged fell-beasts of Glauraug's brood
Strong and clever and full of hate

He who is the leader of the flight
With cruel intellect directs his brethren
Ancalagon the Black
Morgoth has taught him much of war
So great the havoc is wrought amongst the Host
The Valar draw back apace, marshalling their resistance

Grimly this DarkElf watches, my heart frosted beneath my breastplate
They know now, these mighty Valar, these beings of light
They came to Arda wearing our flesh like rainment
Now they feel the weaknesses inherent
What it means to be dwelling in Twilight
With the fears of fire and pain ever-present
They take up the sword now for us, we who dwell in the Hither Lands
And they fight against one of their own, because there can be no more countenance

And I who have once before known death, a gift given and received,
Would this agony take upon myself
To keep their youthful faces unmarred.

- Lothithil