'Twill Not be Forever

- Lithilien Quicksilver

Like Frodo, I am not often moved to make rhymes or tales, but when I am they must be written or I have no rest. They often come to me full-blown like a flower, and the paper (real or virtual) is the vessel in which they must be placed to show off their colors, and whatever beauty they possess. Here is one such offering......

‘Twill Not Be Forever

I see the tears standing.
We both know it is true.
This time I am leaving,
I’m going from you.

By the Sundering Seas
You stand on the Shore,
And you watch as I sail
Til you see me no more.

But ‘twill not be forever!
For that Day will come
When you too shall set sail,
And with me you’ll be Home.

Then my turn shall come,
When I stand on the Shore,
Til your ship reach the Harbor,
And we part nevermore.

- dedicated to all who have loved ones across the Seas