The Withering of Imladris

- Lithilien Quicksilver

Let us touch you,
As you pass by...
Let us caress the curls
Like leaves upon your crown.
Though our touch lends not
The strength you need,
Still we would touch,
And in touching,

Once we were young...
Once strong...
Once life flowed riotously in our veins.
Not so long ago.
Can it end so soon?
Now we fade...
We wither...
As do all living things
In this Age.
Longing to last, yet
Ever lessening.

A task is laid upon you,
Harsh enough
To grind you into dust...
How will you fare?
Will you save us...
Or fall into despair?

So hard the task...
So hard...
Yet so pure the heart
That we will dare to hope.
Though even in the winning
We still will fade,
We hope for ourselves,
For the world,
And for you.

So let us touch,
As you pass by...
Let us caress...
Let us bless.