The Path not Taken

- Lindorie

(Based on Robert Frost's "The Road not Taken")

Three paths diverged in a cavern dark,
And sorry we could not travel all
And as one wizard long did I sit
And looked down one to darkness deep
to where it turned down stairway deep.
The second one I looked down as well
But where it led I could not tell.
The third we took with fresher air
The steps were rough, without much wear.
That fateful morning I must choose
or Middle Earth to Sauron loose.
We must plod on and find our way
Out of the dark, into the day.
We cannot stop, cannot come back.
I breathe a deep and shuddering sigh
And onward now once more we fly.
Three paths diverged in a cavern dark
I chose the one with fresher air,
And that has made all the difference.