We Knew

We knew something was
Felt it in the earth's breath.
Shadows were deeper,
The stars pulsed-
dim sometimes
or brighter.

The fox heard them
pass in the night
and wondered
at Hobbits in the dark.

The deer walked
for a while with
the elves, they sang as they journeyed,
in the soft candlelight.

We felt
the thunder of
nightmare hoofs above our burrows
and shook with fear.

The season passed
oddly slow that year.
Harsh rains and bitter snows
fell long.
Moonlight bent.

Spring was hesitant
and our hearts quailed-
Then it burst forth with fever
and song!
Rain became healing showers
sunlight was warm anew.
The shadows frayed and splintered
and blew away on the
spring's exaltation.

Sleep returned without
and waking was
welcome again.

Everything was as it was…
only different.
A new beginning.

- Lindar7