Song of Hadhafang

LotR Object: The sword of the Elrond and Arwen

Ah, to cleave the gathering throng
This is when I sing my song!
Three times upon this Middle-Earth
Have I come forth to prove my worth!

In Idril’s hand I cleared the way
As darkness overtook the day.
Gondolin fell, blood did flow
Brutal it was, this traitorous blow…
We made way to the ocean’s shore
Rested there, learnt Ulmo’s lore…

Ages passed…I felt Elrond’s need,
Together we slew the mutant seed!
Upon the blooded slope of Mt. Doom
I heard his call and roared my tune!
When the battle was won I rested in honor…
Until I answered the voice of his daughter…

She was different, her melody blue,
Yet, strong of heart and steel true.
Joined we faced the rotted nine
Our challenge rang with magical rhyme,
We brought the Hafling safely home
The nine swept down by swirling foam.

The ages pass, now men rule.
My mistress chose a path most cruel
To stay and someday fade to naught
Alone save for me, who with her fought
I’ll rest with her, wherever she lay
We’ll pass as one, our music played…

I cleaved the gathering throng
That is where I sang my song!
Three times upon this Middle-Earth
I came forth and proved my worth!

- Lindar7