Faramir's Tale

companion to Eowyn's Path

I grew up eclipsed
by my brother.
He, larger than life,
bold, daring and proud.

Our father---
my father---
Overlooked my presence
in Boromir’s glow.

I thought him
wondrous also.

He was warrior.
I was scholar.
Father favored war.

When the dream
I was held from it.
He went in my place.
(Would it have been
Would I have been
driven mad

Denied the dream
I went where bade
and fought a border war.

I found a dream
let it go.
Faced Father’s wrath.
Always the disappointment to him.

Then the wraith…
and fire…burning…
All was smoke…

I awoke
in the House of Healing.
There I saw her
for the first time.

So far, so sad, so broken.

Can we broken
mend each other’s

I pray it is so.
- Lindar7