Eowyn's Path

I was a stranger to hope
and counted my life’s breath
Nothing to live for
Save a valiant death.

They called me cold
though beautiful
I knew no haven
A sword kept dull.

The years I’d spent
all my heart craving
to fight in battle raging.

The blow I struck
at last
my fire’s blast
To death I cry, “Enough!”

Still a stranger,
Without my sword
I wandered lost
Knew I’d paid a heavy cost
In service to my lord.

Then I was found
at the House of Healing
Amid a warmth so new,
patiently it grew
this foreign feeling.

New life was born
I heard its song
whispering in my ear
In the voice of Faramir
I found where I belong.

(May the rumours prove unfounded, and enough of the romance be shown to satisfy...)
- Lindar7