I Cry to Ilúvatar

part 3

By The Grace of Nienna

Grace was granted me.
A few extra weeks of

I learn to love
my tears.
Time is passing
and soon will
be done…
He wanders at
night without
or recognition.
And food carries
no joy for he
who once lived
to dine.

My heart spoke
last night as
we stood in the dawn
air, still and quiet.
He still at my side
needing my touch
as compass…
It is time.

Ilúvatar! I yield
to your wisdom.
Some must pass
before the rest…
As man leaves
before elf,
hound leaves
before man.

Nienna, cry for
me and let your
tears heal my hurt.

Running with Huan

I accept the
Pearl of our
life together—
the grit as
well as the
It shall be
a token for
my heart.
A talisman
of my house.

Here rests
a Beagle of
great stubbornness
and magic.

His voice is great, a
howl to fill
the hall—
May he
sound his presence to
the Valar
in sweetness and

May he run
with Haun
in the green fields
of Valinor.

Eighteen years he
my life.
I will honor
his passing
with peaceful
song and
tears of

Till we meet
my friend.
- Lindar7