I Cry to Ilúvatar

part 2

Arwen’s Whispered Reply

part 2
(From the mist
shrouded tree trunks
I hear a voice,
softly answer
my plea...
Her whisper

Life is a choice.
You know this.
Chose to live
and death will be
the final element.
Even without the
choice, it comes.
But better to
embrace an full
life - love, laughter
tears and grief.
Death is the grit at
life’s center...
It is the foundation of
great beauty —
The heart of
a Pearl’s

(With a deep breath
I caught her words
knew their truth…
turning I saw in
a figure in the mist.
Pure grace, within
her hands rested
a great pearl...

It was my choice,
to accept with reverence
or stay mired in

Can I sing

I cry to thee!
Grant me grace
to accept this
- Lindar7