Saving Boromir

Is there a need

for a celestial confessor

to find forgiveness?

Did Boromir die


Was a death

in defense

of innocence


Or the songs

along the shore -

Did they speed his

way to unknown acres


If the madness

that drove him

was an infection -

Was he to blame for


(Had he ever known hope?)

Would he have been

only the first to fall

if the fellowship

hadn’t floundered?

Perhaps he saved

them all.

Alerting Frodo to the

poison - spreading.

Was his the fracture

that forwarned...

like ash before

an eruption?

The poison ran

deep in him.

Despair took him -

Yet he didn’t pursue Frodo,

leave Pip and Merry

to die…

Surely redemption

can be granted

such a man…

Even a flawed man?
- Lindar7