Worthy Men

This is a found poem in two sections -- words of praise from the mouths of two men who respected one another, and who may even have met at one time and been friends.

The first section was spoken at the Council of Elrond, in response to Aragorn's dismay that the Rohirrim were giving a tribute of horses to Sauron; the second was spoken upon the fields of Rohan, at the meeting of the Three Hunters with the Riders of Rohan.

Worthy Men

From the mouth of Boromir, words of praise in defense of the Rohirrim:

I know the Men of Rohan, our allies;
True and valiant, dwelling in lands we gave
Long ago.
Rohan beset, who knows what you will find
If ever you return?
Not this, that they buy lives with horses.
They love their horses next to their kin;
The horses of the Riddermark come from fields
Far from Shadow; their race descended
As that of their masters, from free days
Of old.
The Men of Rohan love their horses;
True and valiant, our allies.


From the mouth of Eomer, words of praise and regret for Boromir son of Gondor:

Your news is all of woe! Boromir slain;
We had no word of this grief.
Great harm is this death to Minas Tirith;
Great harm is this death to us all.
A worthy man! All spoke his praise.
A great captain of his people
Ever in the wars on the East-border;
He came seldom to the Mark.
I have seen him; he seemed
more like the swift sons of Eorl
Than the grave Men of Gondor.
We shall not forsake Gondor, so say I;
While they fight we shall aid them.
Great harm is this death to us all.

- Linaewen