West Wind

Darkness creeps and covers the land.
Despair seeps into the hearts of all
Who are covered by the blackness,
The fog of war, Sauron's breath made visible.

Men quail in the dimness, though 'tis day,
Black sail hangs limp in the night
As king's heir strives to reach the burning city,
Minas Tirith, whiteness now dimmed.

Riders stumble in the day's twilight
Warriors mumble of fear in mind and heart.
Though they are hidden, they fear the worst;
Too slow, too late, we are too late!

White City groans under evil shadow,
With pity in his eyes, the small soldier watches
Madness grow in his lord; darkness lies heavy
In his heart, in the hearts of all who wait.

Small, weak, two lie gasping for breath,
They seek a path into the heart of the darkness;
The way is before them, but the air
So thick! Mount Doom flames in triumph.

Hope remains, do not give up!
Middle-earth's pains are felt, peril noted.
Even now Iluvatar sees your need and speaks
To Manwe, he who sings the wind.

Breeze blows, strengthens as it passes.
Ulmo knows the Valar send aid
And rejoices; he has ever desired to help
The lost ones, the wandering ones of Middle-earth.

Sauron starts; his evil plan thwarted!
Darkness parts, sunlight gleams through.
The west wind blows, whisps of gloom flee before it.
Too soon, it breaks too soon!

Black ships move quickly on water,
Many lips breathe songs of praise
For the wind in their sails that takes them swiftly
To Pelannor Fields, to the salvation of the City.

Breeze faint reaches the riders,
No taint of evil here, but the sea-tang
Is strong to those who can read the message.
The wind is turning, now is the hour come!

Black king at the city gate,
Air rings with his evil laughter; but wait!
A cock crows to the dawn above the shadows of death,
Horns blowing, horns of the North blowing away darkness.

Two wait in the shadows of Mordor,
Fumes abate as the west wind blows them
Aside, even here the healing air reaches. One is heedless,
His mind too burdened, but the other looks up in hope.

Dawn breaks, and with it renewal.
Hope wakes: we are not forgotten!
The west wind blows, the beginning of the end
Of Sauron's cruel reign has begun.

- Linaewen