Rekindling of Hearts

A Found Poem from a passage in LoTR, The Tale of Years:

Círdan saw further and deeper,
Further and deeper than any other in Middle-earth;
At the Grey Havens he welcomed Mithrandir,
Knowing whence he came, whither he would return.

"Take this ring, Master -- the Ring of Fire.
It will support you in weariness,
The weariness you have taken upon yourself.
Rekindle hearts in a world that grows chill.
Your labours, heavy -- but it will support you.
Rekindle hearts, Ring of Fire!"

"As for me, my heart is with the Sea.
I dwell by the grey shores
Until the last ship sails.
I will await you."

Círdan saw further and deeper than any other.
- Linaewen